If you have some ice cream, I will give it to you.

If you have no ice cream, I will take it away from you.


All ice cream is melted and comes with the choice of baseless cup, cracked wafer, or waffle koan.

Strawberry Berry Dangerous Ice Cream, 295 Neurons/s, A man traveling across a field encountered a tiger. He fled, the tiger after him. Coming to a precipice, he caught hold of the root of a wild vine and swung himself down over the edge. The tiger sniffed at him from above. Trembling, the man looked down to where, far below, another tiger was waiting to eat him. Only the vine sustained him.

Two mice, one white and one black, little by little started to gnaw away the vine. The man saw a luscious strawberry near him. Grasping the vine with one hand, he plucked thetpc-m-nonsense-books-edward-lear-img405 strawberry with the other. How sweet it tasted! Enjoy the taste of these very strawberries in your yogurt. 

Hempel’s Green Apple Ice Cream, 295 Neurons/s, Eating this ice cream will attract black ravens to the café because green apples are known to show why ravens are black.

Tarte Pour Le Visage, 439 Neurons/s, A pie for the face. What did your face look like before you were born? Can one throw a pie at the original face?

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