cafeWhat did the slice of tomato say to the other? This isn’t rational.

All sandwiches come with themselves.

All customers must wash their own dishes after eating.

Buridan’s SandWhich One? 279 Neurons/s, This gourmet negative space sandwich is a hot pick for the indecisive. Between two sandwiches of identical quality, the chooser will remain in limbo due to the lack of rational decision between eating one rather than the other.

“&” the S&wich, 329 Neurons/s, The no-buts-about-it sandwich, completely integrative and open to being eaten and more.

The Dæscendwich, 429 Neurons/s, Raise your spirits down for a sandwich you will always remember for yesteryears.

The (Zen Sand)wich or Zendwich, 279 Neurons/s, A Gateless Gate Café classic. Just a sand sculpture of a sandwich but slightly bigger than usual.

Buridan’s Crocodile Sandwich, 279 Neurons/s, This sandwich comes stolen. It will be returned if and only if one correctly guesses what will happen to it. The guess will be that the sandwich will not be returned.

The Original Sandwich, 937 Neurons/s, This is the original sandwich. Replace any and all of its parts–the lettuce, tomato, cheese, mustard, bread, and you will still possess the identical original sandwich.

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