beachTwo customers are in the café. Suddenly, from behind the counter, the barista announces a Moksha Latte. Another customer looks around, sips her tea, and stares into her I-phone. The end.


G. “Third Eye” Joe, 249 Neurons/s, Once ordered, chaos will infiltrate and plant a chaorderly flavor.

Dōgen’s Latte Awareness, 249 Neurons/s, Prepared with the sweet milk of long rivers ripened by earth’s golden presence.


All coffees come with special table coffee cup holder. Pick your favorite color.

Moksha Latte, 289 Neurons/s, Like the Latte Awareness, but with a chocolate a man once attempted to describe to another who never tasted it.

EspresSatori, 199 Neurons/s, For those in a hurry, try this quick shot of getting it. For a dualist shot, add 50 Neurons/s.

Decaff k(no)w Joe King, 199 Neurons/s, In this 100% serious decaff, the mind will rationally slurp all cosmic jokes.

FEATURED THIS WEEK: Joe Dirt, Freshly Ground, 289 Neurons/s, A fresh cup of local dirt topped with a little sand with little rocks sitting at the bottom. See the following video from our former name Gateless Gate Café.

Drainonymous Java, 199 Neurons/s, Feeling drained? Our new Joe comes imported from anonymous sources. Try and find the source, and the source will only grow more unknown.

Schrödinger’s Coffee, 289 Neurons/s, This coffee will either be a Greek frappé or a Yuanyang depending on your observation.

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